Fly to London cheaper now!

CNN has reported here that from various cities around the world, flight fares to London is a lot cheaper right now, compared to what it has been so far at this time of the year.
If London has been on your radar, might be a good gamble to take the chance and book your ticket. Gamble is because of BREXIT uncertainty- there is a risk of no deal BREXIT which could increase immigration time at airports and affect daily life to some extent. This uncertainty is forcing people to put off their UK visit plans and that is the reason for drop in ticket prices. More on Brexit here

India to London fares I have not seen any drastic drop. You will get a return ticket for around 40k INR from major cities now,even for November/December 2019 travel. I think it is good fare for last minute travel as fares usually shoot up during year end. I flew for 35k return last month on Qatar. But fares from other cities like New York, Hong Kong, Boston etc to London has fallen sharply as per earlier said CNN report. (These are the cities that send lots of business travelers to London). So do your assessment and take a call. If you find the fare worth, if you can travel (visa takes a month) in near future and if London has always been on your radar, this could be the opportunity.

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