Airlines should stop insulting their loyalty program members

I feel airlines should stop insulting their loyalty program members.

There're some airlines with whom I have not flown even once. But I have created an account with them so that I get alerts on cheap deals if any and hope to fly with them one day.

Air Arabia is one such airline. Created an account long back but never got any sweet deal from them in past one year or so-thus couldn't fly with them.

But Air Arabia constantly spams me with my reward statement, highlighting that I have zero points. I know that- feels more like an insult than update. I understand most mailers are automated and don't have much smartness. Shouldn't airlines apply some sort of intelligence and stop spamming people?

Westjet is another airline. I have flown with them once from LAX to Vancouver. Not sure what happened to those points- they still update me with zero points.
Qatar, Emirates and SQ where I have an account haven't been spamming me like this-I guess they have a more sensitive/intelligent program. It is not critical for passengers to know their airline point update every month. Once in six month is more than adequate unless there's some heavy activity or crucial info like expiring miles. Something for airlines to ponder over. What do you think?

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