ANA Japan yet to get approval for Chennai-Tokyo flight?

October 28 Update: Flightradar24 shows NH826 successfully flew between Chennai and Tokyo. So we can assume everything is in order, may be just the website was not updated w.r.t approval message. Below post is irrelevant now.

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It was late July 2019 that ANA Japan announced Chennai-Tokyo NRT direct flight. I had originally written about it here.

The first flight is one week away- service is scheduled to begin from October 27th.

But there still seems to be a hitch. ANA official website still shows "Subject to Government Approval"
Did you notice spelling mistake in the red message?

I can understand this message early August when booking opened. But 2 months later, one week to go for first flight, are there still any issues? At least we can appreciate ANA for being honest. Other airlines may not so voluntarily disclose it and cancel flights last minute.

May be they got the approval but didn't update the website?

May be they are on track and fairly confident of getting pending approvals in a week?

May be there could be a delay in first flight if approvals don't come in on time? In that case those who booked will have to take a refund or reschedule their trip.

Hopefully everything will be in order just in time. If not, we will know in a week's time.

Meanwhile Srilankan has dropped its Chennai-Colombo-Tokyo Narita One stop flight fares to match ANAs. So your next best option if direct flight isn't working out.

Have you booked your ticket to Japan?


  1. Great blog bro. For the west, they got Scott cheap flight, secret flying l. For india, we got you. Thank you

  2. Even now it's showing the same..
    Do you know what they might do in case there is a cancellation

    1. Flight has started operations- so I assume everything is fine, they just forgot to update website.

      If there's cancellation airline will give refund or allow free rescheduling


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