Bus to city from Goa Airport-Public Transport Options

How to reach Goa city for cheap from Goa airport?
If you're landing in Goa, taking a taxi to Panjim or other parts of city can cost you more than your flight ticket. Prepaid Taxi fare from Airport to city is in thousands of rupees, not hundreds. Panjim is 1000 INR, Calangute and other far off places is 1200-1500 or more. There is an app based taxi- Goa Miles now, which is supposed to be cheaper and reasonable, but general complaint is that their availability is very poor and wait time is high.

Why not public transport? Is there a bus to city we can take from Goa Airport?
The answer is YES, it is possible to reach your destination in Goa using public transport for one hundredth of a taxi fare. This post explains how.

Public transport Buses will NOT be entering Airport arrival or departure area of Goa airport. In order to catch a bus, you will have to walk for about 500 meters out of airport campus. Once you're out on the main junction, you need to look for a bus that can take you closer to your final destination.
It is very unlikely that you will get a non stop bus to your final destination. Best bet is to reach a town/spot enroute and then make some other arrangement for final leg. For this, depending on where you want to go, identify if your destination is closer to popular hubs like Panaji (Panjim), Margao (Madagaon) etc. Try to get a bus to these hubs and from this hub try to get another bus to your final destination or avail a taxi/auto at much lesser fare than what you would have paid at airport.

Both private and govt buses (Kadamba) operate to Goa Airport. But be advised- there's no designated bus shelter, no information display about next bus, timing, destination etc and it is very hard to plan on this. You've to figure out things from the roadside, asking people, speaking to bus conductors. Google maps will help to some extent but don't count 100% on the reliability because bus operators may not stick to pre-defined timings.

Ticket fare will be Rs 10 onwards depending on distance. That is easily 99% savings over taxi fare- very ideal if you're traveling light, on budget and game for some exploration. Be advised the buses may not have facility to handle your big check-in bags. Bus frequency is good during day time. You are very likely to get a bus within 15-20 minutes towards your destination, but frequency is poor during night time.

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