Save a few hundred using Cleartrip BESTBUY instant cashback

I usually don't promote 3rd party agents like Cleartrip or MMT's promotional schemes much- as they are usually give from one hand-take from somewhere else schemes. The cashbacks and discounts are often a complicated process- either takes time to materialize or cashback needs to be used in some other bookings in future. Thus I find it more peaceful to ignore such promotions and book directly on airline website even if it costs a few bucks more.

However, Cleartrip is running an instant cashback scheme which seems to be worth it. Here the cashback is instant and total amount payable is reduced. I wanted to book a Delhi-Chennai flight for a family member. The final fee on Jet Airways website came to 3902 whereas in ClearTrip website, same ticket cost me a final of 3627, some 280 rupees net savings- after a Rs 400 cashback and a Rs 270 convenience fee.
The offer is ON for another week. There're lots of rules though- like it is applicable for credit card payment only and can be used only once per card. Do check the detailed T&C Here.

There's limited no of tickets sold at this discount every day, so book early morning next day in case day's quota is exhausted.

If you've anyway decided to buy a ticket, using this BESTBUY code might save you a few hundred rupees.

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