Guest Post Opportunity-Contribute your experience to Airlineblog

Airlineblog is open to contributions from its readers. If you have an interesting story to share- about your air travel experience or tips and tricks you’ve mastered over time, any unique photos you might have clicked, things you love and hate about air travel, any interesting encounters on board your flights and so on, you’re welcome to share it as a guest post on airlineblog. Put your thoughts togethere as an article, include relevant photos and send it across for consideration and publication.
What you will get:
  1. There will be no cash payments for your contribution. I don’t have any revenue from this blog to pay you. Sorry about this. If you’re not comfortable please save your time by not reading further.
  2. At the end of article, your bio (around 100 words) and a photo (if you prefer and provide) will be included, along with one link to your blog/website if any and one link each to your twitter/FB/Instagram profiles. Please provide these info at the end of article.
  3. All posts will be shared on social media- I don't have any great follower base and not promising huge visibility, but whatever little it helps is a bonus.
  1. Article should be related to airports, airline and air travel. Your experience with a particular airline/airport, how you managed to get cheap tickets/upgrades/lounge access, tips and tricks you follow related to packing, relaxing on the plane etc, anything unique related to these topics will be considered. If in doubt check with me before writing.
  2. Only first-hand experience and tips will be entertained. If you’re sitting at home and cooking up articles like “10 great places to visit this summer” or “15 visa on arrival countries” etc, don’t bother sending. This opportunity is for travelers who don’t have a blog/wish to contribute on other blogs to share their experiences/observations, not for content writers to get some backlinks for their clients through guest post.
  3. Negative experience/criticism is fine, but should be supported with possible evidence. Try to give both side of the story and be fair.  Articles like “this is worst airline- no one should ever fly it” won’t be published unless supported by convincing evidence.
  4. Content is subject to editing. I might add some additional information where relevant or if felt necessary.
  5. At least one photo which is relevant to the story is expected but not mandatory(I can add a most relevant/generic pic from my collection)
  6. Do not try to cleverly insert 3rd party link. External links, if not deemed absolutely necessary may be removed or added with nofollow.
  7. No prior assurance can be given that whatever is sent will be published. Each article will be considered based on its own merits.
What should be the length of the article?
No limits. However I recommend between 400-2000 words- too short, it may not count like a blog post, too long, I might have to split into parts for ease of readability. But if you think just one photo and a line is all you have and it is really worth sharing, do send across.

When will the article be published?
I plan to publish them at regular intervals- depending on how many articles I receive and their quality/significance. I will keep you posted about possible date once your contribution is reviewed and accepted.

Is there a timeline/deadline?
No, I don’t have any deadline- I will start reviewing and publishing on first come first serve basis. Send at your convenience. However, if you’re serious I advise setting yourself a deadline and finishing it before that. Else you might lose focus/keep delaying it forever. If you’re taking several months I can’t assure the plan will still be on.

Can I send more than one?
You can.

Where to send?
You can send them to admin at enidhi dot net, or share with me via any other social media channels

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