FlyDubai new 737 Max 8 Economy Business class seats

FlyDubai, the airline with which I flew to Dubai and back, had a stall at Arabian Travel mart 2018. They were exhibiting their new 737 economy and business class seats and its unique features. This post shares my findings:

What's new in FlyDubai's Business Class seats?
At present, FlyDubai's 737s have 3 rows of business class seats, seating 12 guests. This will be cut down to 10 seats- 4 in first row, 4 in last row, only 2 seats in the middle row (one on each side of the aisle- see pictures below.

FlyDubai's current business class seating for quick reference.
The new business class seats will come with 180 degree recline- guests can lie flat and sleep.

Did you wonder why only 1 seat in second row? I had this question too- this is because the legs of the passenger will go in between (under) the two seats ahead (those in first row) Thus while in the first picture it appears extremely spacious leg room, part of the leg will be going under the next row. They had only 2 rows at the stall, so this tricky part won't be obvious to the visitors unless they think a bit.

What's new in the economy?
The economy seats in the new 737 Max 8 get adjustable headrests, which can even be folded- this is likely to give lots of extra comfort compared to today's economy seats. Other specifications (legroom, seat recline etc) seem to be same as now- I was told economy will have one row less, which would translate to few mms of extra leg room for remaining seats.

So who gets to fly in these new 737 Max 8?
I was told these aircrafts will be deployed on routes longer than 5 hours- mainly to Russian airports. Thus Indian passengers are unlikely to experience these comforts unless they connect to a long haul destination from Dubai. Anyway we can hope few of them fly to India as well, at least in future as airline gets more deliveries.
Best wishes to FlyDubai. My travel experience on FlyDubai is available in a separate post

Update: Hope the toilets in the new 737 Max 8 are spacious as earlier. Here's a news of American Airlines new 737 MAX having super tiny toilets that is testing the limits of US air travelers.
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