Antarctic Airways: Fly Day trip to Antarctica via Chile

Traditionally, those visiting Antarctica head to Argentina and from there board a ferry. This has been the conventional route as there're not many flights to Antarctica.

During the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai this month, I came to know about Antarctic Airways. They offer a one day and overnight trip to Antactica from Chile, for those who can't afford week long cruises and trips. If you prefer the fastest and shortest way to Antactica, you should check out Antarctic Airways.

Below is what I found:
Antarctic Airway's Trip begins from Punta Arenas, a town in the southern tip of Chile. From here Antarctic Airways will fly to King George Island, in the northern tip of Antarctica. Upon arrival guests can visit Penguin Colony, Trinity Orthodox church, few science centers and a Chilean settlement called Star Village. After this Guests can either return same day or opt to stay overnight.

King George Island is just the tip of the iceberg i.e. Antarctica- won't get you detailed experience, but yes, will give you a sense of it.

The cost:
I was told the expedition will cost 5500 USD, ex Punta Arenas. That is about 3.6 lakh rupees INR
This fee includes the following:
1. Up to 5 night stay in Punta Arenas (flight may not operate on all days and subject to weather conditions, hence guests may have to wait a few days in some cases)
2. Flight to King George Island and back
3. Meals and local site seeing in King George island

Overnight stay at King George Island will cost extra.
Flight from India (or your city) to Chile is not included- costs around 1.2 to 2 lakh rupees easily for an economy return ticket.
Most nationals including Indians will also need multi entry Chile visa for this expedition.

Check Antarctic Airways page on ATM for more details

While I am at it, you might wish to check out Darter Photography's Antarctica tour here - costs around 10000 USD + airfare- This one is a much more serious and detailed tour, not a one day short visit like the one discussed above. But then, for those who can't afford long and expensive expeditions and wish to get a feel of Antarctica, above package from Antarctic Airways might be worth considering. Also this makes sense if you're already in US or South America, have a week to spare and wish to make a quick trip to Antarctica to fulfill your bucket list.

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