Etihad Ultra luxurious The Residence Suite Experience

At ATM 2018 (Arabian Travel Mart) held at Dubai this week, I got to experience Etihad Airway's famed Residency suit. Residency is the most expensive aircraft cabin in the world, designed in Etihad's fleet of Airbus A380. An Abu Dabhi-New York ticket costs around 82450 AED one way (22500 USD or INR 15 lakhs)

At the Arabian Travel Mart, Etihad had a mock-up of their residency suit- visitors could experience this ultra premium cabin without having to buy a ticket. I spent a few minutes experiencing the Residence and below is what I experienced.

The Residence has 3 sections- sleeping area with full size bed, a shower area and a sitting area.
The sleeping area:
 Very comfortable bed, with your own butler n customized food options
 The shower: Residence guests get their own private shower and toilet-very unique feature as in all other first class cabins restrooms are common.

The sitting area-like any first class seat, guest can sit here, watch TV or do their work etc

My thoughts- The shower area coming in between bed and seat doesn't look like a good idea to me. It eats up space and results in narrow passage. If the bed and seat is together and shower chamber is moved towards the end, may be it will be a bit more comfortable..

Unfortunately my photography of world's most expensive cabin (replica) wasn't the best- to save on weight I wasn't carrying Nikon- only had to manage with Honor mobile phone Plus the waiting crowd sort of forced me to finish asap n vacate the space.

Stopover Holiday
If you're booking the Residence, you can enjoy 2 night stay in Abu Dabhi's most luxurious suite in Emirates Palace Hotel

Watch a 30 sec video below. [or watch on YouTube]

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