Some of the finest/funniest in-flight safety videos

In flight safety demonstrations are routine and boring stuff. Crew doesn't want to do them, passengers do not want to watch them, but they are to be performed on every flight, for safety reasons and to comply with regulations.

Airlines with in-flight entertainment systems have made it easier for their crew by playing a video of the safety instructions, than cabin crew having to perform this manually on each flights. Some airlines have gone very creative in this safety video and are able to communicate the message more effectively through their creative videos. Here's a compilation of some of the interesting in-flight safety videos.

All rights and IP of these videos belong to respective owners/airlines. I am only compiling a list.

1. Air New Zealand Safety Video
This 2 year old video has amassed 16 million views and involves some real crazy and creative stuff. Do not miss.

2) Philippine Airlines Heart of the nation video by the national carrier of the Philippines. With close to a million views, the Philippine Airlines video depicts various places of interest in the Philippines as well.

3. Qantas In-flight safety video
Qantas is the spirit of Australia and their video shows all the highlights of the country and can tempt you to plan a visit right away.

4. Virgin America Airline
The Richard Branson airline uses a dance theme and has 12 million views as of now

 5 American Airlines
6 Qatar Airways: Qatar sponsored Barcelona football team and made a video featuring them

 7. KLM Royal Dutch

 8. Air France
 9. Air Mauritius

 10. Iceland Air

 11. Hawaiian Airline

Emirates, Lufthansa and Cathay on the other hand seem to have a plain vanilla safety video. I feel they should try something more creative.

Is there any other airline inflight safety video you liked a lot or found it a lot creative? Let me know through a comment.


  1. Pl see the air Arabia video. It's good.

  2. Thanks. But Air Arabia is budget carrier, do they have entertainment system inflight to show the video?


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