Cheap tickets to Maldives on Srilankan-Book now

Srilankan has some really cool fares to Maldives. If you've been thinking of a trip to the island nation, you can check and book your tickets now.

For travel dates not so far- like November 2017, you can get a return ticket for about Rs 12000, which I think is a good deal.
  • Gan Island is not the main entry point to Maldives. Male (MLE) is the main airport. You can also fly in to Male, it will cost a few k more.
  • Work Permit holders visiting Maldives for the first time are required to enter via Male only, not via Gan Island
  • Gan Island will be far less crowded compared to Male. There're enough resorts and islands around Gan, so you can have an equally good Maldives experience.
Why I think Rs 12000 to Maldives is a good deal?
1. Srilankan is a full service airline. Price includes meals and 30kg check in baggage
2. Last time I flew to Male with Srilankan, it was in A330-200 and A330-300 wide body double aisle aircraft- gave a true international experience compared to flying narrow body aircrafts like A320 operated by Spicejet and Air India
3. If you can split your journey you can add a few days of stay in Srilanka as well
4. 11222 you see below is the lowest I have seen on Srilankan to Gan Island, don't think it will get any cheaper. For Male airport, lowest I've seen is some 10800+ not available right now.
Both Air India and Spicejet connect to Maldives (Male only) via Trivandrum/Kochi. But I am sure Srilankan can give a much better flying experience than Spicejet or Air India. Even if Srilankan is expensive by a thousand or two, I would still recommend them.

Indians get free Visa on Arrival at Maldives.

Points to Note:
  • Srilankan may charge your credit card in USD. So factor an additional 3% for currency conversion charges (your bank may charge this).
  • Sign in, get your frequent flyer ID and then book. Mapping your booking to frequent flyer ID later is not very easy on Srilankan 
  • Above fares are non-refundable. You will get almost nothing if you can't travel. There're other expensive fare if you want flexibility.

Above: A sea plane in Maldives
Below: Inflight Meals on Srilankan. Read a detailed review of my experience with Srilankan here
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Book Srilankan here. For hotel bookings, use the widget below.

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