Direct Flight between Palawan, Kalibo and Cebu, Philippines

When I visited the Philippines in January this year, I couldn't find any direct flight between various islands (such as Cebu, Palawan etc). All flights were via Manila, wasting precious time and money.

Looks like now the things have changed. Both Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Philippines have introduced couple of direct flights between the islands. Click here for my posts on Philippines 

Cebu Pacific's direct flight to Cebu from Puerto Princessa (PPS) (main airport in Palawan Islands) departs at 4.10 PM where as AirAsia's direct flight leaves at slightly more convenient time of 8.30 PM
The direct flights are now opening new possibilities- you can now do a circular flight hop and return home. Example:

  1. Arrive in Manila, spend a day or two
  2. Take a flight to Puerto Princesa, spend several days (as much days as you  can afford)
  3. Fly direct to Cebu, spend a day or to.
  4. Fly back home via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur directly from Cebu
  5. or fly further to some other islands such as Davao or Kalibo
Above: Air Asia plane in Puerto Princesa
Below: Approaching Cebu
Ticket prices in Philippines are also very affordable. A few thousand rupees and totally worth over another option such as bus or ferry, considering the time saved by the flight. 

Be advised that Puerto Princessa airport collects an additional 300 PHP per person before departure, over and above the ticket fare already paid.

Happy Journey! Make the most of your next visit to the Philippines.

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