August Long weekend- last minute cheap to fly destinations

If you've not yet finalized your plans for August long weekend (12-15), below are top 5 destinations at reasonably cheap fares

Option 1: Delhi-Nepal, 10k
If you're centred around NCR, you can have a short trip to Nepal for about 10k in flight, may be another 10k for other expenses. If you're not in Delhi, factor another 5k to 10k extra
Option 2: Singapore with TigerAir, 14k
Singapore return ticket rates at this moment are at reasonable levels. 12k or less is cheap, but 14-15k is reasonable, if the dates work out for you. But you will spend relatively more in Singapore as stay and all attractions will be expensive. Factor another 20k per person for stay, food and attractions for a 5 day holiday. Total budget, 35k.

5D/4N optimized itinerary for Singapore can be seen here

Option 3- Male, Maldives with Srilankan, 15k 
For about 15k you can get return ticket to Male, Maldives on Srilankan. Meals and baggage included and lot more luxury than budget airline. In Maldives you can either spend a fortune on one of the luxury resorts or stay closer to capital in budget/mid range hotels.

Option 4: Dubai, Jet Airways, 16k
If you've not been to Dubai yet, the prevailing rates are around 16-17k from Chennai, 14-15k from Mumbai. Factor another 5k for visa processing and 15-20k for local expenses in Dubai.

Option 5: Air Asia/Tiger Air to Phuket, Thailand, 19-20k
You can fly to Phuket in Thailand for about 20k per person, hand bag only. The cheapest fare I have seen to Phuket is 10k return from Chennai. Even at 20k it is not a bad consideration, given that you're booking less than 1 month in advance and Thailand is not an expensive country to visit. But note that August is supposed to be rainy season in Phuket, expect a day or two to get washed away in rain, though I don't see prospect of all days getting washed away in rain.

With another 10k per person for hotel, food and other local expense, you can have a nice trip in a budget of Rs 30k per person.
Points to note: 
  • Prices as seen at the time of preparing this post and may change any time
  • Do try few alternate date combinations to find out cheapest fare
  • It is cheaper to fly one stop than to the hub (Chennai to Phuket via Bangkok DMK is only marginally expensive- another k or two compared to Chennai-Bangkok, Chennai Male is only a k or two expensive than Chennai-Colombo. So take advantage of this.
  • I recommend booking direct on airline website. 
  • Most of these are non-refundable fares, exercise caution...
  • Please check for your city of origin, hopefully it shouldn't be too expensive than the Ex Chennai fares mostly shown above...
For the price shown above, factor another 5-10% extra for any hidden expense like convenience fee, food, insurance etc.

Have nice trip.

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