Qatar Airways CEO's positive outlook despite blockade

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar al-Baker in this video with Al Jazeera speaks about the crisis in gulf region- the economic and deplomatic blockage imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, later joined by Libya and Maldives.

Primary victim seemed to be Qatar Airways- following were the immediate impacts
-Closure of airspace over Saudi, UAE etc, forcing Qatar Airways to take a detour/much longer routes
-Closure of 18 destinations in these countries for Qatar airways
-Closure of Qatar airways offices, website etc denying them an opportunity to arrange refunds/re route passengers or even take personal belongings of the employees and more.

All these cast a shadow on future of Qatar Airways, induced confusion among employees and passengers. In wake of all these, below video from the top boss of Qatar airways is reassuring. Do watch it.

Main points to take home:
- Qatar airway's expansion plan was put on hold due to capacity constraint. Now that they are not serving the 18 destinations, they can use the planes to fly to newer destinations they had in mind. The details of these new destinations are not known yet, though wikipedia page of Qatar Airways lists few of them
- Qatar has 206 planes as of now, 500 million USD in profits and enough cash to sustain any short term loss due to the crisis.
- Qatar has not resorted to any discount sale to win back customers. I think they are doing pretty well despite some inconveniences.

Do watch the video below to know more.

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