Price drop alert-BOM SEZ (Seychelles) 34k INR return

A return ticket to Seychelles from Mumbai was costing close to 50k post covid. Recently I saw that prices are down to 34k INR, that too for a direct flight on Air Seychelles.

That is a good sign. Hopefully it will drop a bit more to under 30k INR return, a tempting price.

Pre-covid Srilankan used to sell Mumbai-Seychelles via Colombo at a competitive price- long flight but was cheaper.

I am also hoping one stop option via Ethiopia or other middle east/African hubs could be even cheaper, as airlines compete among each other. Will wait and watch. If I spot a sweet deal will plan for 2025.

Mauritius is still high at 50-55k for a return ticket. Hope that drops too, to under 30k as it was pre-covid.

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