4 reasons why Delhi airport is a benchmark

There are specific reasons why I like Delhi airport and wish other airports in India take Delhi airport as a benchmark and follow the guidelines.

1. Drinking water for city prices

I could buy a bottle of drinking water for just 10 INR (500 ml), which is same as city price. Vending machines inside Delhi airport sell stuff at MRP, which is great. Most airports a bottle of water will cost 50 to 100 INR

2. Assurance that everything is same as city prices

3. Great metro connectivity

  • Delhi airport has great metro connectivity to city, saving us thousands of rupees on taxi expenses.
  • Mumbai has metro but not close enough to airport
  • Bengaluru- don't even ask. Airport is 100 kms from city and no train, no metro. (At least there are buses) 
  • Chennai airport is good in this aspect

4. Check in at Shivaji Stadium Metro

Customers of Air India and few other airlines do not have to bring their check-in bag all the way to airport. They can check them in at Shivaji Stadium metro. A lot convenient. However this service is available only with Air India and few other airlines.

Airports have hidden intention to extract as much money as possible from passengers, who are a captive audience and if not left with much options could be forced to shell more money. Good that Delhi airport has kept some basic things affordable for its passengers.

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