Mumbai Japan return ticket for cheap (39k INR) ANA

 Return ticket to Japan are available for under 39k on ANA or All Nippon Airlines.

I found one for October 18-Nov 08. Need to try different month combinations to find other suitable dates.

This 38500 INR is cheaper than what ANA's own marketing team has advertised- their ad says Mumbai Japan is from 39700 INR

40k is NOT the cheapest- Air Asia or VietJet Air at times sell ticket to Japan for around 33-35k INR during their sales. But you've to pay extra for bags, meals etc.

However, ANA is worth it due to below reasons

  • Direct flight, no long layover in Vietnam or Malaysia
  • Full service airline with food, baggage and in flight entertainment included
  • Loyalty points and some remote hope of upgrade.
  • If you can spend another 10-12k you can opt for Premium Economy seat

Note that ANA's cheapest fare is NON Refundable. Fly on it or loose it.

I was checking for 2025, but prices are high at around 67000 for 2025. They will only reduce the price closer to travel date if flights are having lots of empty seats.

Thanks to Peter for this tip off.

Japan trip cost has increased 3x in past 10 years. Back in 2017 I had visited Japan for only 77000 INR all inclusive (trip expense details) . Now tickets costs 2x,3x, JR Pass price has doubled, visa is more expensive via VFS and other things like capsule hotels are expensive too. But there is no sign of anything getting cheaper- if Japan is on your mind, might as well travel now, than postponing to future.

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