Manta Air suspends BLR DDD flights? (resolved)

Update: Able to see ticket prices now. Might be some temporary issue with the website. You may ignore this post. Manta Air twitter handle also responded and confirmed all is fine. Have left my feedback that 50k is too much.

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Maldive's Manta air had started Bengaluru to Dhaalu Atol (airport code DDD) flight in March and now it looks like flights are suspended.

Shrinidhi Hande had written earlier that the tickets are very pricey- costing 50000 INR for a return ticket between BLR and Dhaalu Atol. May be this is the main reason not many people showed interest in this flight- it the ticket was priced around 20000 INR even I was considering planning a trip to Maldives.

For 50000 INR I can go to Mauritius, Seychelles or Europe, so no point spending half a lakh flying to  a small island in Maldives.

My MAA- Gan island flight several years back was just 12000 INR per person via Colombo. Hope such cheap fares return soon.

Of course adding fire is the damaged relationship between India & Maldives. Indians have started exploring alternative destination to Maldives thus reducing demand for flight to Maldives.

Hopefully those who had booked but their flight cancelled now will get their refund from Manta air. 

Manta Air website apparently not selling ticket to any origin-destination on their network! Not sure what is wrong

What is your thought?

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  1. Flights are visible when you select the USD currency when trying to book .


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