Taipei Taoyuan (TPE) Airport Experience

This post shares my observations at Taipei's main airport, Taoyuan, TPE.

#1 Outdoor observation deck:

Taoyuan airport in Taipei has an outdoor deck for passengers to visit and see the runway up-close. This is before clearing immigration, so accessible to all.

#2 Lots of passenger rest area. 

Usually airports want arriving passengers to leave the airport asap and departing passengers to do check in and enter gate area. But TPE airport has dedicated area accessible to all- arriving passengers, departing passengers who haven't checked in yet. This area has sitting benches, food courts, kids play area etc. Very convenient if you arrive early at airport or not in a hurry to leave the airport.

#3 Mobile data- same price in city and airport

Usually airport shops sell slightly expensive packages to tourists or claim cheapest option is not available right now, forcing arriving passengers to shell more money. Because of this I usually try to skip buying in airport and look for a shop inside city. However I find that price in Taipei's Taoyuan airport is same as city shops w.r.t mobile sim card options.

Even the price of Banana in 7Eleven store in TPE airport is at par with city stores.

#4 One hour away from city by train

TPE airport is pretty far from Taipei. Train to Taipei Main station takes 1 hour and costs 150 TWD (400 INR approx). Taipei has another airport in city but looks like it is not used by international airlines.

#5 No domestic/international segregation

This warrants a separate post. Taiwan is a small country, just some 400 kms from north to south. Though Taiwan has several airports, doesn't look like there is a domestic airline flying to these cities- most options are via an international hub only. This is largely because Taiwan has excellent high speed rail network that can cover 400 kms in 2-2.5 hours end to end- making it useless going to airports away from city, spend 2 hours in airport formalities, 1 hour flying and more time reaching city.

#6 Lego scale model of TPE airport

An emirates A380 at TPE airport

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