DreamScape in Changi T2

When I was transiting through Changi this month, I asked an information counter guy what is new at Changi in past 6 months (I had last passed through Changi in October 2023)- he asked me to check out Dream Scape.

Dream Scape is a small garden area with a digital roof which plays animation of fishes moving around or other attractions. There are 18 plants on the ground surrounding the area and passengers can walk in between, looking up at the sky and looking below with fishes moving around. The visuals are accompanied by a curated sound of over 100 creatures. Changi calls it "immersive indoor garden experience"

Dreamscape is located towards the end of T2. You can reach T2 for free using inter terminal trains in Changi Airport from T1 or T3

There are few more attractions but they are all outside transit area, need to clear immigration.

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