Want to save on domestic flights? Fly via international

 Domestic flights within India are getting very expensive. It is lot cheaper to fly via international hub for domestic destinations

Example one: Guwahati to Calicut:

Domestic flight by indigo via BLR is 11000 INR, 12 hours flying time

If you book 2 international tickets, it costs less

  • Guwahati to Kuala Lumpur: 4100 INR
  • Kuala Lumpur to Calicut: 3500 INR
  • Total: Just 7600 INR
Check screenshots below

Malaysia is visa free for Indians as of now.

It is unfortunate Govt of India doesn't allow flying domestic destinations via international hub. So we've to book two separate tickets, clear immigration etc. Many other countries do not have such restrictions. In Taiwan you can fly from Kaohsiung to Taipei via Hong Kong or Manila or some other international destination.

More such examples will be available if you dig deeper.

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