Almaty Airport observations

Almaty airport is pretty small (I feel it is smaller than our Mangaluru airport).

#1 The airport name boards are both in local language and not English. 

Airports world wide display one board in local language, one more in English, but Almaty airport has both is name in Kazak language (or maybe one in Kazak, other in Russian?)

#2 Very small airport

Almaty airport is very small. Customs area, check-in counters, immigration all 3 are cramped into one hall. The waiting area are also pretty small with just a few gates and shops inside.

#3 Bus stop is 500 meters away

Though there are city buses that ply close to Almaty airport, they don't enter airport premises. Bus stops are some 500 meters from airport. If you don't want to spend on taxi you've to haul your baggage for about half a km.

#4 Despite being small, Almaty airport seem to be handling widebody, 4 engine aeroplanes- saw a plane coming in for landing

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