Bus to Almaty city from Almaty International airport?

While Almaty has city buses, none of them come inside Almaty international airport. Thus if you ask about bus service anyone in airport, they will say NO buses are available and will trick you into paying for taxi.

A taxi to Almaty city from Almaty international airport costs 7000 KZT or 1300 INR while a bus costs only 80 KZT or 20 INR.

Update: I am told bus number 92 leaves from airport. Check for the same.

Here's how you can travel to Almaty city by bus from Almaty international airport.
Step 1: Understand that bus stand is about 500-550 meters away from ALA airport arrival gate. Thus you will have to follow the cars leaving the airport and get out of airport premises. Refer map below or reach Ogarev St bus stop which is bit further from this Qabopit hotel (not sure of exact name)

The bus stop is some 100 meters away from this hotel (Bus stop opposite the hotel is for passengers to arrive from city n get down, don't wait there)

Reach the bus stop and wait.

It is hard to figure out which bus to take. Bus stops are supposed to have a display of bus numbers and their routes but some bus stops may not have it. From Almaty airport bus number 79 and 86 go into city center. Depending on where your hotel is located, you can get down at the closest bus stop, plan to take another bus or taxi or walk to hotel.

This website, https://citybus.tha.kz/ to identify bus numbers to your destination.

Paying for bus in Almaty.

Each ride costs 80 Tenge or KZT or just 15 INR or 0.2 USD. 

Buses have a QR code scanning which you can pay online, but I am not sure if this works if you don't have local bank accounts.

Alternate option is to get a ONAY card and load it with some money. These cards are not easy to find. I couldn't find any shop in airport to buy a card. I could find a shop in the city. Thus if you don't have a card and local payment setup, you can pay cash to driver. However cash payment will cost 150 KZT, which is still fine as it way cheaper than paying 7000 KZT to a taxi.

So your payment options for airport to city travel in Almaty city bus:

  • Pay 150 KZT to driver
  • If any of your friend had an ONAY card from their previous travel to Almaty, take it and use, load after reaching city center for further use
  • Try your luck at airport or shops near bus stop if you can buy a new ONAY Card
  • You can try your luck requesting any local to buy you a ticket through QR code and pay them cash

Almaty city bus timings: most buses operate from 6 AM to 9 PM. If your flight is outside of this time your options are limited. More detailed post on how to use city buses in Almaty is here

Same while returning: Get to city center, take bus 86 or 79 to airport.

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Hope this helps.


  1. Bus number 92 departs directly from airport.

    1. Thanks. Didn't notice it anywhere- maybe seasonal or maybe I missed it


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