Mumbai Jeju for under 30k, March 2025

If you're able to commit to a trip 1 year in advance, Mumbai to Jeju (South Korea) tickets are available under 30k

I feel it is a good deal due to following reasons

  • If you are visiting Jeju island alone, it is Visa Free.
  • Jeju has several attractions to keep you busy for a week or more.
  • If you delay, price will increase- if booking 2-3 months prior, it will cost 60k
  • Above ticket is Singapore airline from BOM-SIN- food, bag, entertainment included, Scoot from SIN to Jeju- you will get 1 meal but anything more you've to pay.
I've visited Jeju in 2023, for 4 days. Still a lot left to see, so thinking if I should plan another trip.

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