Suggested approach to reopen Indian domestic flights

In this post I am sharing my idea on how India's domestic flights can be reopened in a step by step manner.
Stage 1: All flights within a state
Wherever state government is comfortable, allow flights within a state. For example, from Bengaluru flights can be operated to Belagavi, Mangaluru, Hubballi, Bidar, Kalaburagi. Those who wish to and afford to travel by flight can go to their hometowns or those stuck in home town willing to come back to Bengaluru can fly back.

This way people can relocate within state as per the comfort of state governments. Some load will be taken off road and rail networks as those who can afford will prefer to fly.

These few flights will also give opportunity to perfect the social distancing norms during air travel.

Stage 2: Flights between states with mutual consent.
Allow flights between two states only if both states are comfortable. For example, Odisha may be fine with receiving people from BLR or Kochi but not Mumbai and Delhi.  Only if both state governments are comfortable then allow flights between the states.

Stage 3: Allow regional flights
If North East is deemed safe, allow flights in between airports of North East region.

If South India is deemed safe, allow flights within South India region

Stage 4: Allow all domestic flights except worst affected cities.
For example it might make sense to hold flights from Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad till virus scare settles down in these cities.

Stage 5: Allow all domestic flights
Could take 2-3 months if required but once deemed fully safe all airports can be opened up.


  1. Bhai i follow your blogs regularly..What is your thought on Prices of hotels & activies in forgein countries! One good example is Dubai
    Will price come down post this covid?

    1. Yes, price will come down for a while to encourage tourism.
      But after sometime prices will increase as lots of hotels shut down and only few remain


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