Policy decisions challenges to airlines in post covid19 world

As of now it looks like there's no hope that Corona Virus will get to Zero worldwide. No one seem to have the patience to continue lockdown till virus is eradicated. Most companies are preparing to open up and making up plans to live with Covid-19 risk.

Several measures are already being planned- like leaving middle seat empty, screening before boarding, social distancing in airport and so on. Along with these, airline management need to make some policy decisions as to what to do in various new scenarios arising out of Covid-19. Here're a few of them:

1. Refund/rescheduling policy for symptomatic passengers:
Flight tickets are often booked in advance to save money. Leisure travelers book their tickets months in advance. In the new world, if customer was all fine while booking ticket but has developed symptoms since then or tests positive before travel date what will happen? Will it be treated as 'No Show" or will airline give a refund/rescheduling option?

What happens if authorities decide to quarantine everyone for 14 days and someone who had a return ticket after 7 days is unable to travel?

What happens if a passenger is denied entry into a country due to symptoms? Airline needs to fly them back to home country for free while ensuring he is isolated on the plane?

2. How to retain confidence of first class/business class passengers?
Would First class/business class passengers be happy everyone passing through their cabin? Is it viable to send economy class passengers via a separate door and never mix them with premium cabins?

3. Crew roster issues
- Should crew be given a right to refuse if they are not comfortable flying to a city known as hotspot?
- If on a given day 10 flights have reported 1 positive case each and say 40-50 crew are now required to be quarantined, how to staff the plane for next day?
- Paying staff during quarantine

4. Is hub & spoke model safe?
In case of direct point to point flights, contact tracing and control is easier. In a hub n spoke model, how to track with whom all a passenger came in touch with at the transit center? During a 4 hour transit, a passenger might get close to hundreds of other passengers who would be flying to a dozen different destinations.

What other challenges can you think of?

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