Status Update-world's top 110 Airlines

Last month I had published a detailed report on how World's top 110 airlines are doing.

Here's a quick update for this month- as of May 28.

Major updates:
  • Avianca and LATAM, two South American airlines have filed for bankruptcy. Avianca is world's second oldest airline. This makes about 10 airlines bankrupt so far out of 110.
  • There was a news of Thai Airways going bankrupt, but latest updates suggest that Govt has provided support so airline seems to be fine for now.
  • Lufthansa has been offered a Govt bail out
  • India has opened up domestic flights, so all airlines can do some flights and make some money for now. Go Air has decided to start only from next month (June 1st). Check this 10 point checklist.
  • Europe is considering opening some travel within Europe- this could result in more flights next month.
  • Virgin Australia has got some interested parties, including India's Indigo- so mostly the airline will be saved
  • Corona Virus situation remains grim world wide, with no solution/flattening in sight.
  • Quarantine rules and expenses and various new regulations now await air travelers, making it more expensive, less comfortable and less convenient. 
  • Most South East Asian countries are doing fine w.r.t Covid-19.

A quick map- Limited operations remain at 58 because while I've removed two (Avianca and Latam), two have been added (Air India and Vistara)
I've put Indigo under "Doing well" category- flights have resumed, they have paid all salaries on time and are even looking to invest in Virgin Australia.
Below: Avianca HQ in Bogota Colombia (saw it last year)

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