Never take customer care numbers from Google

I am getting repeated spam comments trying to push fake customer care numbers of airlines.
This looks like an attempt to trick Google and public into believing this fake number, call them for refunds etc. Once you call this fake number, in the name of refund the fraudster will collect your personal info, bank details and steal your money.
When we have some issue and want to contact customer care, we usually google. Googe returns results like below. 

As of now this number is genuine, but Google also allows users to edit any info and provide updates. This feature is there for a good purpose but some fraudsters use it for their advantage. If they manage to change the customer care number and then you call that number, you are inviting trouble.

So the right approach is always to go to airline's website and take customer care number from there. It is much difficult and near impossible for ordinary fraudster to hack an airline website and change the number. Even if they do, it is noticed instantly and corrective action can be taken.
Be vigilant, be safe.

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