AirIndia Data compromise-Easemytrip has details of your bookings

Looks like Air India sells your booking details to 3rd party sites.

Recently I had made a booking directly on Air India website, thanks to the sale Air India was running.

However, I was surprised to get a message from Easemytrip, asking me to bid and upgrade.
This is in addition to email and SMS Air India sends directly.

I am wondering how did this happen- Air India sells booking details to all 3rd party sites, hoping someone somewhere will manage to upsell something and generate more revenue? or Does Easemytrip has some kind of partnership to mine Air India booking data? Or is it some kind of data breach?

Got a template response from Easemytrip asking to DM contact details- not expecting anything more from them. No response from Air India to the tweet.

Have you experienced anything similar?

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