AirAsia loot Ahmedabad to Malaysia for INR 502

27 Feb Update: Looks like most 500 Rs tickets are sold out by now. Drop a comment if you have booked one.

Afternoon Update: Available for few dates in May

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Ahmedabad people, book your ticket to Kuala Lumpur for as low as INR 502.
Unbelievable but true, available on Air Asia website for select dates in July!
#1: Website says government approval pending. If it doesn't come through, you will have to either take a refund or work with Air Asia customer care to work out a possible re-routing via DMK or Delhi. Still not bad for 500 Rs.

#2 Return ticket will cost you about 6500+, still round trip 7000 INR is not bad between AMD and KUL. You can have a nice vacation with the money saved (normal fare is about 20k return). Website was showing INR 1275 for return but when selected it was showing 6500. Try your luck with other dates. Alternatively you can just book one way to KUL, go somewhere else from there separately. Booking return ticket is not mandatory.

#3 No one knows how the Corona virus scenario will pan out 6 months from now. Hopefully everything will be alright and you can have a great trip, but if Corona virus spread gets worse, then you may have to forget your ticket to stay safe. It is a gamble, with great rewards and little risk.

#4 It is probably a clever marketing strategy- once you book onward journey for 502, you will most probably book return ticket too, so while INR 500 feels so tempting, a total spend of 7000 INR for return + extra spend on food, bag etc is still a decent revenue for the airline.

#5 Meals and bags are not included in the price. Unless paid via netbanking, extra fee applies for credit card payment. (INR 250)

#6 July/August will be a rainy season in Malaysia, nearby countries.

#7 If all goes as per plan you can fly on a cool A330 wide body jet from AMD instead of conventional A320 that are used to fly to KUL from other Indian cities. (AMD-KUL is operated under AirAsia X, long haul wing of Air Asia)

Be sure to create a loyalty account to save a few rupees more. Without signing in , fare will be like INR 580 or something.

Tip off Courtesy: Vishaal Bhat/Sachin Jain, Asan Ideas for life FB group and


  1. can you check once? seems its 6k now one way?

    1. I am sure all are sold out by now. Was available till yesterday afternoon


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