Chennai-Australia 23-28k return for immediate travel

If Australia is on your mind, there are some really cheap tickets available on Air Asia for immediate travel.

Chennai to Perth: 23k INR return ticket, available for Feb 29-March first week and several other dates in 2020

Chennai to Melbourne (Avalon-AVV, not MEL)- 28k return for immediate travel, more dates available.
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 Chennai to Sydney- 28k return, for various dates 

#1 Melbourne to Sydney by bus vs flight
#2 Bondi Beach, Sydney
#3 Harbor Bridge, Sydney
#4 Manly beach, Sydney 
Scoot is also trying to match AirAsia- you can find return fare to Sydney for 28-30k for next month

Scoot also has some reasonable fares to Gold Coast at around 28k for March-April 2020

While above fares are from Chennai, do check from other Indian cities- you should be finding fares in similar range.

Points to note:
  1. Big members will save a few hundred rupees extra as from the amount shown above.
  2. Australia tourist visa may take upto a month to process (21 working days)
  3. Above fare doesn't include food or checked bag. Only 7 Kg cabin bag per person is allowed
  4. Lowest I have seen to Sydney, Melbourne etc are 21-22k return. 28k INR is not at all bad considering it is for immediate travel, you don't have to wait several months.
  5. Australia is currently recovering from bush fire incident- several national parks might be closed for tourists
  6. Beware of Corona virus risk- you might want to assess the risk- more details here

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