Scoot Sale- Singapore oneway 5704 INR onwards

Scoot Airline is currently running a sale. It is not super cheap but reasonable.

You will get Chennai-Singapore oneway ticket for about INR 5700 (Rs 5200 ticket fare + 504 convenience fee per passenger per flight). Return ticket is unfortunately about 50% expensive at 7500-8000 INR range. So a round trip will set you back by close to 14k INR, which is not super cheap- you may get that fare on Air India, Jet Airways and Indigo as well. (even for onward journey, Indigo and AirIndia Express are giving similar fares as Scoot)

Other destinations on their network are also on sale, valid for travel dates till March 2020.
Scoot Monkey accusing me of not buying any overpriced add-ons
Rates are reasonable, but in most cases, not cheaper than AirAsia. You will get Australia round trip for about 25k (have seen it for 21k on Air Asia). If the destination and dates work out for you, no harm checking. You might get some sweet deals.

Read my Air Asia vs Scoot Comparison here. Scoot's add-ons are also insanely expensive compared to Air Asia or Indigo (a meal costs INR 1000+)

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