End of WOW Air-Indian Passengers were lucky

It was very unfortunate to read about WOW Air’s complete closure of operations. It was known since mid of last year that WOW Air is in trouble. But then, that is true for most airlines around the world- an airline having debt or running in loss doesn’t necessarily mean it will end up bankrupt.

WOW Air had ambitions expansion plans- they launched India flights in December 2018- we could go all the way to Los Angeles or SFO or pretty much anywhere on their network for a never before price of 13499 INR one way. [Details] (How to manage such a long haul trip without paying for meals, bag etc is another story)

Many Indians did book their cheap tickets on WOW Air. I also planned one trip to US and Another to Canada on WOW Air

But sometime late December it became known that WOW Air isn’t really getting some investments it was hoping for and to cut losses, they cancelled all destinations being served with widebody aircraft- A330. Thus by mid-January, barely a month since launch of India operations, Delhi flights were suspended. [Details]

2 months later, entire airline has packed up.

Thinking of it, we (Indian passengers) were relatively lucky. Because of following reason
  • We got to know about India flight cancellations well in time to make alternate plans
  • Those who could/willing to take an earlier flight had an option to do so
  • Airline still had some money, so they promptly refunded for all bookings that had to be cancelled.
Situation now, for the affected passengers is far worse
  • They are being told about cancellation of all flights abruptly
  • Not sure when they will get refund, given that airline has no money left and filed for bankruptcy
  • All alternate options are bound to be very expensive.
Hopefully affected passengers get some reasonable respite and get back home soon without a major financial impact. It is sad to see another airline close down.

Back home everyone is curiously watching what will happen to Jet Airways- will they get back, will someone else buy them out? Hopefully they will survive and carry on.

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