Delhi IGI airport T2- what to expect?

Most of my previous flights out of Delhi in recent past were from T3. T3 is a very well developed and well maintained terminal and used by all full service airlines and for international flights by budget airlines. T3 doesn’t need much introduction or review.  However Delhi airport also has T2 and T1. These are low cost terminals used by budget airlines for domestic flights. Last year I had one arrival at T2 but this year had an chance of flying out of T2, for Indigo’s DEL-MAA flight.
This post shares key notes on facilities available at T2 and what you should keep in mind.

T2 is budget terminal and facilities are basic. It was near impossible to find a charging socket for laptop. Only charging points available are some 2-3 mobile charging units -one towards Gate 30, one more in opposite side of the terminal.

T2 is said to be silent airport but GoAir repeatedly makes announcements for their flight. Had an office call to take and it was getting tough due to loud announcements and not having charging sockets.

WiFi is great- same one that is available in T3- if you’ve registered in T3 and got a pin, same can be used in T2 as well.

Food- some 10 different food stalls available, possible to grab some light food for about 200 INR, full meals expect to spend about 350-400 INR.

Drinking water available for free.

There were a few flat bed chairs which are convenient for sleeping, but all were taken, with a few reserved using bags for friends and family by other sleeping passengers.
No FM Radio in T2 (T3 has Mirchi T3), plane watching is also very difficult.

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