Qatar Airways US Return ticket for under 50k INR

Qatar Airways has been running promotional sale for sometime.

You can get some decent fares to destinations in US- like I could get Chennai-Boston, Chennai-Washington for about 48k INR, which is very good fare considering Qatar is a full service airline-very reputed one at that.
Cheaper deals are available for short term travel- like April-May itself- so check it out.

You can also select an itinerary, hold the fare for free for about 24 hours and make payment within 24 hours to confirm your seat. Helps if you're trying to make a decision considering multiple factors like leave approval. spouse confirmation etc.

Other good deals I could spot:
Chennai- London return for 35k- available for select dates in May-June, Sep-October 2019
Chennai- Europe (various destinations)- 36-37k

Sale is extended till 17th March, so check.
Even Emirates is having similar sale, but a few thousand more expensive than Qatar.

If you had plans for long haul destinations in Europe and America, go book now.


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