WOW Air's Interesting Aircraft names

Each aircraft has an identification code, often known as tail number. It is usually a combination of few letters, written somewhere on the aircraft-usually on the back side. Flying passengers don't have to care about the tail number but it is an important identification for the aircraft.

Most airlines don't pay much attention to tail numbers and they are usually a combination of random letters. However, looks like Iceland based WOW Air is paying close attention to their aircraft names. They are selecting the last 3 letters very carefully so that it forms a meaning full name.
WOW Air CEO infront of aircraft TF-MOM, source: wow air website press section
Look at the tail names of WOW Air aircrafts- complete list on their website here

  1. TF-WOW, 
  2. TF-MOM, 
  3. TF-DAD
  4. TF-CAT
  5. TF-DOG
  6. TF-GAY
  7. TF-GPA (short for Grand Pa)
  8. TF-GMA (Grand Ma)
  9. TF-BRO
  10. TF-SIS
  11. TF-SON
  12. TF-SKY
  13. TF-KID
  14. TF-WIN
  15. TF-PRO
  16. TF-LUV
  17. TF-NOW
  18. TF-JOY
  19. TF-NEO

And so on...  I felt this is very creative and hence sharing with you.

WOW Air has a fleet of 20 odd Airbus A330s and A320 family aircrafts. WOW Air is awaiting delivery of Airbus A330-900 which they will be deploying to India. Curious to see what name that aircraft will get- May be TF-IND?

Surprisingly they've not used some cool 3 letter names such as ICE, FLY, PET, GOD, PEN, GAS, AIR etc. May be they will use these once they buy more aircrafts.

Looking forward to my flight with WOW air next year, though the online reviews aren't that great. The lowest fare they had advertised on India launch are now gone, but some decent fares are still available for early 2019 travel. Do check on their site.
Above: Tail name of Lufthansa plane for reference- notice that last 2 letters are printed again on top of the rudder, probably for easy spotting from the control tower.

Few other airlines that have interesting aircraft naming practicses
  • KLM Mentions names of prominent national parks on its aircrafts to create awareness (Kaziranga is featured on one of their planes)
  • Norwegian has photos of prominent artists, scholars and such eminent persons painted on the tail of its aircrafts
  • India's Spicejet names each of their aircraft on a spice- like cardamon etc
If you're aware of more such naming practices/interesting names, do comment below.

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