Cathay Pacific bonus miles on 10 years of Chennai Operations

Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific is completing 10 years of operations from Chennai Airport. I was expecting some discounted rates but they are offering bonus miles instead. Also travel duration is kept very short- one has to fly before mid August which means one has to spend more, compared to a well planned cheaper ticket booked 6-9 months ago
1000 miles in economy is not a huge number. There's a risk that it will expire if you don't earn enough miles overall and redeem it in time. In a sense about to expire miles trap customers into booking more flights. Works out usually only for frequent flyers. If it was a discount sale instead of bonus miles, more people could have benefited.

Valid for bookings till 15th July and flights before 15th August. Not valid for Hong Kong, valid only for long haul destinations to US, Australia etc. Do check if it excites you.

Nonetheless, best wishes to them on completing 10 years of Chennai operations. Hopefully they will run more discounts and sales so that flying Cathay makes economical sense over Emirates or Etihad or Qatar.

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