Spicejet Mega Monsoon Sale

Spicejet is currently running a sale- but the prices are not exciting enough for me. Typically in a major sale short haul flights like Chennai-Bengaluru are priced around 700 INR. Inclusive of convenience fee if I can fly short distance like Chennai-Coimbatore etc for around INR 2000 then I consider the sale as very good. We can fly to a destination for the price of an AC bus ticket then it is great. But current spicejet sale, recently concluded Indigo sale all had these ticket prices at a much higher level, because of which the sale wasn’t exciting to me. Sometimes airlines launch a sale for the sake or a sale or because competition is doing a sale, without real significant price cuts. We should have  some benchmark pricing so that we can detect if a sale price is cheap enough or not.

Nonetheless, do check if you have some travel plans before 8th October- you might be saving a few hundred rupees.


  1. I have an offtopic question. Do Indian domestic airlines have any poicy on hidden city ticketing?

    I am planning a trip from Chennai -> Guwahati -> Agartala -> Chennai. When I checked Chennai -> Guwahati ticket prices they cost more than Chennai -> Agartala flights which has transit at Guwahati. Is it possible for me to buy agartala ticket and off board at Guwahati? I dont carry checkin luggage.

    1. You can, but your return ticket may be cancelled by the airline
      Book two single tickets.


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