Star Air Updates- aircraft has arrived, launch in few days?:

I had originally written about Sanjay Ghodawat group's star air in March 2018. Couple of months since then, some more details have emerged.

1. The aircraft has arrived
The official twitter handle has tweeted a short video of StarAir’s aircraft. It is a ERJ-145 or Embraer jet which can seat roughly 50 people in a 2+1 configuration. This is smaller than Embraer E 170 used by Air Costa

2 Airline Code SA is used by South African Airlines
Star Air website suggests they will have an airline code SA (Refer screen shot below)- but SA is already taken- by South African Airways. So we need to see what code Star Air gets
3 Branding- There’s already an airline named Star Air based in Denmark, owned by Maersk Group. Ghodawat group needs to ensure that they don’t violate international trademarks, particularly if they ever plan to fly international in long run. Selecting an existing name and fighting legal battle may not be worth it. Check this and this

4 Updated website:
The official website, is updated a bit- it shows origins and destinations, some sections for various operations related to your flight- like status check, manage booking etc. Of course website is not fully functional as the airline hasn’t begun operations.

Few more days to launch?
Star Air’s social media accounts claim airline is just a few days away from launch. We hope so and look forward to the new airline.

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