WOW Air increases India launch fares-50 to 75%

Remember WOW Air's India launch offer- Rs 13499 one way to anywhere in the world? (US, Canada, Europe, Iceland etc) If you've already booked a ticket for yourself at these low fares congratulate yourself. Because now the price has been increased.

Only Iceland ticket can now be had at 13499. All other destinations now cost 6.5k INR or more. The Toronto ticket I had booked now costs 20k, The LAX ticket I had booked now costs 24k one way.

Roundtrip ticket now costs about 40k, without any meals and baggage allowance- still cheapest way to reach US/Canada but if you add baggage and meal cost, the price advantage almost gone.
Earlier Screenshot for reference

So if you're still thinking of Iceland, time to book now, for other destinations, check if it is really worth.

Another thing I noticed is that the booking duration is still limited to March 2019. Website isn't accepting booking for April onwards. Hopefully WOW Air will open bookings for rest of 2019 soon.

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