Fly to Kerala for price of bus ticket-GoAir Deal!

Cheap tickets are available to visit Kerala from Chennai- Find out more details below and plan your holiday now.

Go Airways has some super cheap tickets from Chennai to Cochin right now, for various dates in August and September. Chennai- Cochin round trip is around Rs 2200 + 400 convenience fee. + Airport transfer in Cochin will cost about Rs 250 to 1000 depending on mode chosen. Overall, it is possible to do a round trip for about Rs 3000 per person, which is cheaper than a bus ticket.

Note that July-August-September is heavy rainy season in Kerala, so expect lots of rain which might spoil your plan. But on the positive side, it is unlikely that all days will see complete washout, you can plan some indoor activities and nature will be back to its best after rains.

Flight timings are also very convenient- if you're planning a weekend trip- like leave Friday evening/Saturday early morning and return Sunday night or Monday early morning.
Similarly Kerala residents can use this opportunity for a visit to Chennai and destinations around Chennai (Like Mahabalipuram, Pondy, Tirupati etc)

I have a ticket to Kochi on Air Vistara, booked during a Vistara sale, for similar amount- but Vistara is not known to run frequent sales and their timing is mid day, so if you've decided to travel, you can book on this GoAir deal.

Note that these fares are non-refundable.

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  1. Actually it is even cheaper at Rs 1929 before “convenience” fee.

    1. hmm,try easemytrip which claims it won't charge convenience fee


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