female only flight/travel partner finding site

I came across this website called, which is a website open only to females and allows them to find other females traveling to same destination as they are and can team up for better safety, cost sharing (say on airport taxi and other such advantages.
BoardingPal demands Adhaar card number to verify that you are indeed a female. I hope Adhaar card details will be secure with them. As directed by Supreme court Adhaar can't be mandated to provide service like banking n mobile connectivity- I think it is illegal to mandate adhaar card. But then this service is not essential. If you see value in the service offered by BoardingPal and willing to share your adhaar number then you can try.

For the platform to succeed (i.e for a user to find a traveling partner) it is essential for others to create an itinerary and share as well. So the success of the platform depends on having more n more users share their itineraries. Boardingpal looks like a new idea- may take some time to amass user base and itineraries.

Be advised on the risks involved in making all your plans public- someone can use that information to rob your house when you're away. Hopefully Boardingpal members are genuine. Also while the platform is woman only, women traveling with men can still use it and there's a risk of men creating an account in the name of their partner-Hopefully there's a process/check-points to avoid possible abuses of the system. I shouldn't comment too much without using the system. (I can't register anyway.

If you can successfully find a traveling partner, the uses are many- save on airport taxi, kill boredom by talking, explore a destination together, have a safe trip etc.

Seem to work only within India-not yet gone international.

Not sure of their revenue model- may be once they get enough users they will promote some brands or charge a fee or find other ways to monetize. 

Not sure why men have been kept out- may be the focus was women safety. It would have been possible to open up for everyone but put some restrictions like who wants to connect with whom.- May be that will lead to a travel-date service? Anyway I don't know the thought process or priorities in mind of the people behind this service, so will refrain from commenting further. If the womenfolk find it useful and beneficial then it is great.

If you've used this Boardingpal platform, do share your experience. 

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