WizzAir Sale 30% off deal-Europe and Dubai

WizzAir is running up-to 30% off- Those based in Dubai and can fly out of DWC (Dubai World Central, not the regular DXB) can check WizzAir deals. You will get 30% off on display fare if you create an account in the website and login.
A WizzAir plane I had seen in Lithuania, 2015
Few deals I found are as below, ex Dubai (DWC)
Lowest return fare
DWC- Sofia (Bulgaria)
July 17-21
235 AED
(64 USD/
4400 INR)
Dubai- Bucharest (Romania)
July 11-18
305 AED
84 USD/ 5700 INR
Dubai- Katowise (Poland)
Sep 6-27
508 AED
140 USD/ 9400 INR
Dubai Cluj Napoka (Romania)
July 21-Aug 4
400 AED
110 USD/ 7400 INR
At times onward/return ticket is cheaper but other way is expensive, pushing up total. Still above shown return fare is almost one third of normal fares to same destinations out of DXB with conventional airlines like Turkish or Emirates etc.

While above table focuses on Europe, similar deals are available on rest of WizzAir network in Europe.  Do check on WIzzAir Network. Of course the cheapest one is basic fare, no meals, no check-in bag. One cabin bag is allowed. Below is a snapshot of 3 different fare types offered by WizzAir.
Most flights are once or twice a week only, if you miss it, you may have to wait another week. Still, it is a good deal to explore Europe from Dubai or within Europe. If you're based in Dubai/Europe you don't want to miss this opportunity.

I got to know about this deal via Rutavi Mehta. Let me know if you are booking.

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