Unique procedure in Korean Airports

South Korean Airports have a unique procedure not experienced in other airports around the world.

Airports around the world, we check in our bag and move to security area. In South Korea, we need to wait for a few minutes while our checked in bag goes through security check. I was asked to wait and keep monitoring the screen above till my bag is visible in the TV.

At first I didn't even know what to look for. I was looking at the display board below which was showing flight numbers and was wondering how to figure out my bag number in this board. Then an airline staff said my bag is clear and then I realized the TV above shows checked bags moving across.

Busan airport had the TV but Jeju and Seoul airports didn't. We just had to wait. International departure also follows same rule.

In a way it is good. If your bag had some items not allowed you can take it out right there, than having to be called to baggage area from your gate delaying boarding later.

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