Changi airport- 2023 updates

 I visited Changi after about 7-8 years. This post shares my findings

#1 Jewel is a new attraction in Changi. To see it up close you have to go out of transit area or watch it from T2 to T3 skytrain. Read a more detailed post on Changi Jewel here

#2 Terminal 4 is now operational

#3 Free city tour now needs you to have visa eligibility

Earlier all transit passengers could take free city tour operated by Changi. Now the rules have changed. You should have Singapore visa or qualify for VFTF to use city tour.

City tour counter is available towards end of T3

#4 Transit hotel in Changi now costs about 22000 INR onwards per room (450 SGD). Cheaper options like just lounge access, sleeping pod, shower etc are available. 

#5 Tiger Air is no more. The low cost airline has been merged with Scoot

#6 Cycle rental: Cycle rental is now available for transit passengers

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