Busan airport to city using public transport

Here is how to plan your travel to Busan city from Busan airport. While you can take a taxi to Busan city center for about 25000 KRW for a sedan, 40000 KRW for a van, a much cheaper option is to use monorail and metro networks.

But using public transport will have its conveniences- if you have a large checked in bag, trying to get them through entry gates, escalators, steps etc will be cumbersome, particularly during peak hours. Better take a taxi if you prefer convenience.

Otherwise you can get into mono rail right opposite the airport. Then follow google maps to decide where to exit and change to the metro network, depending on where your hotel is. You will need a T-Money card, which you can buy inside the airport or at the convenience store below the monorail station. Good thing is Google map shows public transport options in SOuth Korea, though it is said Google map won’t work in South Korea (it can’t show taxi or walking options)

I got a local sim card from lG for 38000 KRW and my sim card pack would double up as a T Money card- had to walk into a 7 Eleven store and top it up with 20000 KRW.

I feel it will be cheaper and better to fly to Busan instead of Seoul while planning your Korea trip. Tickets to Busan are a bit cheaper, Busan is less crowded than Seoul.

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