FlyArystan Booking Experience

I had written about the new low cost airline from central asia- Fly Arystan earlier. They had announced one way flight between Delhi and Shymkent (CIT) for about 5000 INR. But the return ticket was around 10-12k, making round trip expensive at around 15-17k INR, so I had not booked any ticket.

A friend, Amar Singh Solanki who runs Lily travels, had booked their ticket and had a successful trip to central Asia, which added to my confidence that I too can try this airline-Fly arystan. Fly Arystan seems to be a subsidiary of Air Asthana.

Recently I noticed that they are no longer selling DEL-CIT ticket. Instead they are selling Delhi to Almaty ticket for low price- managed to spot a return ticket for about 83 USD on their website for several dates in November/Dec 2023 as well as Feb/March 2024.

This time I decided to book. But to my surprise their payment page was failing. I couldn’t make a payment so the process came to a halt.

I wrote a mail to their support team, giving my intended ticket details and asking for a payment link (That is how it worked with Lufthansa-Swiss Air last year for me)

Later Amar Singh Solanki told me I can book via Cleartrip. On Cleartrip the total amount payable was some 500 INR more, but at least I could pay, book and get a confirmed ticket.

After 5 days the support team replied, asking me to check with my bank, while the issue is on their side- there was no option to select bank or card or anything- payment page itself was not opening. Anyway I had booked ticket through cleartrip so didn’t brother to respond.

Now that ticket is booked, I need to prepare for my trip- got another 6 months- have to see how to manage with 5 kg cabin bag limitation. Wish me luck.

Flyarystan website seems to be managed by Kiwi- I tried to sign up so that I can get cheap deals but now I have ended up signing up for Kiwi and will have to deal with them spam mails now.

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