Cheap Food at Bengaluru Airport Nandi Upachar

If you are worried about super expensive food inside Bengaluru airport (Coffee/Tea : 250 INR+, Masala Dosa 500 INR and so on),there is one cheaper option

Nandi Upachar outside Bengaluru international airport.

Nandi Upachar is located near Vayu Vajra bus bay in terminal one of BIAL. 

Nani Upachar rates are as below- 145 INR for Masala Dosa, 125 INR for Bisi bele bath and so on

It is not cheap-2x compared to city prices, but one third of inside airport cost. Even outside the airport their rental cost must be pretty high, forcing them to price their food higher. Nandi upachar has got some seating place, but no AC. 

So if you couldn't have your food in city before leaving for airport, you can grad some before entering the airport. If you are arriving passenger, you can spare some time, grad a bite and then board your bus or taxi.

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