Mangaluru airport food cost

 How much does food cost in Mangaluru airport?

Mangaluru airport food cost it at par with other airports in Country. Almost 500 Rupees for a dosa and coffee.

Mangaluru airport being small, there is only one restaurant serving proper breakfast items. There are few more shops selling bakery items, samosa, sandwich etc.

Full list below.

Why airport food is expensive?
Of the 480 Rupees you pay for dosa+ coffee, only around 80 rupees will be for the food item.
Another 150 rupees goes towards airport rental expense, another 150 rupees to Adani's pocket and rest probably GST to govt.

This 5x pricing discourages people from buying food unless absolutely necessary. If they had kept it lower at say 140-150 INR, their sales could have gone up 3x and they would have still made same profit they are making today. But I guess they are more happy to have fewer customers who will pay more per order.

Mumbai airport pricing is also on same lines
What are your thoughts?

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