New Airline Fly Arystan: Oneway 4500 INR only!

March 2024 update: flew Fly Arystan DEL-ALA

Fly Arystan is the new airline from central asia, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I learnt about FlyArystan airline via Amar Singh Solanki, who runs Lily Holidays.

Fly Arystan is a low cost subsidiary airline of Air Astana. They operate A320 planes around central asia. The airline has been around since last few years but we noticed it only recently I guess.

Fly Arystan had a few super cheap tickets between DEL and CIT (Shymkent, another town in Kazakhstan other than Almaty). Their cheapest ticket was 55 USD (INR 4500) one way, with only a 5 kg cabin bag allowance. Before I could decide the last remaining seat for 55 USD was gone, now the next seat costs 102 USD. It is possible to have a return ticket to Kazakhstan for under 20000 INR with this airline.

If you keep checking you might get a 55 USD one way ticket for some dates in future. But check if you can manage with a 5 KG cabin bag. At least 7 would have been nice in my opinion. I found one for 15th June. For extra 35 USD you can get 10 kg cabin bag and a seat selection.

But the catch is return ticket was costing over almost 200 USD (INR 16500) so I hesitated to book. The return ticket will cost close to 20000 INR.

I will watch them for sometime. Haven’t booked anything yet.

Official website:

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